Clinical Data Abstractor

Job Details

Location: 820 Dubuque Ave., South San Francisco, CA 94080 (remote can be considered)
Industry: Biotechnology
Employment Type: Full-time

Company Summary:

Mirvie was formed to better diagnose, treat, and improve the lives of millions of women through a commitment to discovering and delivering first line pregnancy health diagnostics for women.

To uncover pregnancy insights, Mirvie applies a cutting-edge scientific approach that has been proven in personalized cancer early detection. Through simple, safe blood tests, we read and analyze tens of thousands of messages in the blood that reflect the state of the baby, placenta and mom. This allows us to understand what unexpected events may occur in the weeks or months to come, such as the potential for preeclampsia, pre-term birth, and gestational diabetes – bringing light to the information moms need to take action sooner, get the treatment and early intervention needed for her unique pregnancy.

The company is headquartered in South San Francisco, California.

Position Summary:

The Clinical Data Abstractor is primarily responsible for reviewing and capturing relevant data points from the medical records of pregnant women. He/she is responsible for the transfer of patient health records from hard-copy or electronic medical records into Mirvie’s electronic data capture system (EDC).

An ideal candidate demonstrates excellent attention to detail, accuracy in abstracting clinical information and proficiency in the required data abstraction tools. He/she must have the ability to identify key data elements, and accurately interpret data definitions in compliance with Mirvie’s case report forms (CRFs).


  • Abstract moderate to highly complex health information from a pregnant woman’s paper and/or electronic medical records using established CRFs as a guide
  • Accurately enter abstracted data into Mirvie’s EDC
  • Perform user testing of Mirvie’s EDC system and provide feedback for improvements
  • Coordinate abstraction activities with other members of Mirvie’s medical team


  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Biological Sciences or Nursing Programs with knowledge of obstetric/maternal-fetal medicine terminology, prenatal care pathways, pregnancy, and medical abbreviations. Knowledge of clinical research and pregnancy is preferred
  • Prior experience in clinical research with reviewing and abstracting medical records and abstracting clinical data points from such records is preferred
  • One year of data entry experience is ideal
  • Certified RN or PA with experience in Obstetrics or Maternal-Fetal Medicine is ideal
  • Proficiency in Google Suite tools (e.g., Gmail, Sheets, Docs)

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